nadpřírodniny (Supernaturalia)


> > This reminds me the Yezids (or whatever is the name
> > spelled) who worship Satan, but they are doing so
> > because they want to convert him.
> >
> > IMCO every true Christian shall love Satan.
> > (MT 5:44
> > But I say unto you, Love your enemies,
> > bless them that curse you,
> > do good to them that hate you,
> > and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;)
> Yep. Now _that_ would be an interesting addition to
> the litany said at Mass: "For the soul of Fallen
> Lucifer, that he may once again turn to you, Lord hear
> our prayer." Plus it makes essential sense.

It is not impossible that he is already converted,
considering that he is called "Old Nick",
and that Nick is abbrev. of the name Nicholas,
and that another variant of this name is "Claus".
Or do we assume that there are two mighty beings
with equal name? Using Occam's razor, 
we should suppose he is the same person 
until otherwise be proven.